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Esme Knight



Esme Knight is a solo acoustic singer/songwriter performing a unique blend of original hard rock, blues, country, goth and soul.
From intimate bars, to rock venues and festival stages, Esme has played gigs and events all over Europe in her 20yr+ strong career. Her debut full length 2018 album 'Forever Wild', was released to wide acclaim, containing tales of joy, sorrow, reflection, death and the wildness in all of us. Watch the latest music videos and behind the scenes clips on YouTube at @EsmeKmusic
Esme, originally from Yorkshire, is also a shamanic witch, fire performer, artist, writer and community leader living in Nottingham. More details about her creative projects and spiritual retreats can be found on her website:



Connach is a british cult rock band, based in Dorset, formed during the dark times of lockdown 2020.
The members of the band are Connach Jameson, guitarist, singer songwriter and
Lena M PaaK, bassist and vocals.
The young blood of the band conjures energy for the revival of classic powerful cult and goth music with their own original songs. Connach and Lena recorded and published their debut album “Living A Concept” by December 2020 and stormed the stages of the Fantasy Forest Festival, the 3 Wishes Fairy Festival and more.
Welcome the children of the sun and moon and embrace the wind of change.
The band Connach is the incarnation of a storm that awakens the soul.